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Perryville Path

You can begin your trek on this 14.9 mile path at Argus Drive, near the Home Depot store, or at Trainer Road at the Saturn Playground and continue north to Riverside Blvd. with an additional 1.4 mile loop at Midway Village and Museum Center on Guilford Road. Taking the pedestrian/bike lane on Spring Brook Road there's a link through Rock Valley College (coined "The Education Path"), and a delightful oasis just south of Riverside Blvd. on Perryville at the Keeling-Puri Peace Park. Winnebago County is the lead agency for the Perryville Path, and they maintain and clear snow from the path. The Perryville Path exists and continues to grow thanks to the generous private contributions, efforts and hard work of Sunil Puri and James Keeling over the past dozen years.  Click here for a map.

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