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2013 Circuit Results

Females Age 39 and Below

Female Age 40 and Above

Male Age 39 and Below

Male Age 40 and Above

RRR Super Cup Circuit Results

 Accumualted Circuit Race Miles

Scoring Questions: Please contact Marilyn Goepfert 815-394-4448 or marilyng47@juno.com  

2013 Circuit Rules
Super Cup Details Here 

2013 Circuit Rules

Must be a current paid RRR member prior to running in the race(s) you wish to be scored. Renew your membership right away or join RRR now and support running and racing throughout the area!
If you were scored last year, you will be scored in 2013, unless otherwise specified. If you are a new member and wish to be scored, contact: Robert Lanou, Race Coordinator, at RLanou@live.com
Marilyn Goepfert, Circuit Scorer, at 815-394-4448 or Marilyng47@juno.com
You will then be scored for all races after we receive notification.

 Important Notice: 
Staffing credit for the 2012 Turkey Trot will go toward the 2013 circuit staffing requirement. The first circuit race for 2013 is the Tour de Trails 5 Miles on January 26th, 2013. Last Circuit Race of 2013 is the Northwest Passage on November 3rd (this race/date is subject to change pending contract agreements). The State Street Mile is eligible for staffing credit for 2013 circuit staffing requirement.

Must be a current paid RRR member to be scored for a circuit race. Membership is good for one year. You will be scored for all races following your membership sign up date. You will not be scored for previous races unless membership was current. Please be sure to renew your membership early so you are scored for all the races you run!

Age Groups Scored for both men and women:  9-under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-over.

Age GROUP is determined by your age on Dec.  31, 2013:  Even though you may race in one Age-group for part of the season and another for remainder of season (54 yrs until July 1, then 55 in remaining races) all circuit points will be awarded according to Age-group you’ll be in at end of year.

STAFFING REQUIREMENT FOR PARTICIPATION CIRCUIT AND SUPER CUP:  To be eligible for a circuit award, members must volunteer to staff one race during the 2013 season. Staffing credit will only be awarded for RRR circuit races and two Club Races:  the RRR Turkey Trot and the State St Mile.  You are allowed either points earned for placement in the race or credit for volunteering, but not both.  You must choose which you want. Example, you volunteer at the Tour de Trails 5 Miles, and you run the race. You must choose between credit for volunteering or the points for however you placed in the race (1st = 29 pts, 2nd = 28 pts, etc.). Contact Marilyn Goepfert and let her know how you want to be scored for that race. If she doesn’t hear from you, she will assume you want the points awarded for your age group place. Staffing credit for the 2012 Turkey Trot will go toward the 2013 circuit staffing requirement. The first circuit race for 2013 is the Tour de Trails 5 Miles on January 26th, 2013.
Last Circuit Race of 2013 is the Northwest Passage on November 3rd (this race/date is subject to change pending contract agreements).




A minimum of seven races plus "staffing" at an eligible race (see staffing requirements) is needed to receive an award. This means running at least seven races and volunteering at one race (total 8).  A minimum of five races for Youth (19- under) and Super Masters (70-over), plus "staffing" at an eligible race is needed to receive an award. For Youth and Masters, that means running at least five races and volunteering at one race (total 6). Your ten best scores will be counted.  All additional races run after ten will receive 5 points

POINTS BASED ON RACE DISTANCE: Maximum points for each race will be based upon the race distance:  1mile = 25 pts for 1st place, 3k/2 miles = 26 pts, 5k = 27 pts, 4 miles = 28 pts, 8k/5 miles = 29 pts, 10k/7miles = 30 pts, 9 miles/15k/10 miles = 31 pts, 20k/13.1 miles = 32 pts, 25k = 33 pts, and marathon (26.2 miles)/50k = 35 pts.

Scoring will be:  Maximum points for distance for first place, one point less for each place after. (5k = 1st place receives 27 pts, 2nd receives 26, 3rd gets 25, etc.)


 All circuit races at that event will be scored, based upon maximum points for distance (see above). The Thin Mint Sprint Trail Run and the Thin Mint 8K are the only two races on the same day that an individual can compete in both and score points in both. The races must have different official start times and do not overlap. You must start each race at the official start time.


The Super Cup is designed for those Club members who enjoy head to head competition.  Super Cup will be scored per the fastest male and female participants, regardless of age group. Points will be awarded per gender position in the overall results. The Super Cup will be comprised of 9 races of varying distances, held over roughly a six month period.  Super Cup participants must complete 2 races in each of the three distance categories (S, M, L) and each participant’s best 6 races will be scored. The overall male and female winner will receive a unique Super Cup jacket – and associated bragging rights, at the awards banquet. All Club members in good standing are eligible to participate in the Super Cup. There is no charge for participation in the Super Cup. Staffing requirements apply: participants in the Super Cup must volunteer at a minimum of one Circuit event, State St Mile or the RRR Turkey Trot to be considered for prizes/recognition.
Winners of each age group will receive a Super Cup winner’s shirt at the awards banquet.

2013 Accumulated Mileage Circuit (AMC)

The AMC will be a participation series.  Participants will be recognized for the number of miles raced, versus age group awards for placement within ones age group.  The races for this circuit will be the RRR Circuit races.  Participants will be recognized in the RRR Newsletter when they achieve 50, 75 and 100 miles of racing.  Those achieving 100 miles will also receive a commemorative 100 Mile Achievement shirt.  All Club members in good standing will have their race mileage tracked by the Circuit Committee.  No staffing requirement for this circuit. 



 Presented at the December AWARDS BANQUET, to all who meet minimum requirements.


Need more information or have a question contact:


:Marilyn Goepfert, Circuit Scorer,  815-394-4448 or Marilyng47@juno.com






  Tonya keeps time for runners crossing the finishline at the Trail Series 10K

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