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The RRR membership was asked to complete the sentence "You must be a Rockford Road Runner if...".  Here are the responses received so far.  If you have another suggestion send it to carol@b2design.com.

You Know You're A Rockford Road Runner If...

You know you are a RRR: when you go to a party with runners and you KNOW you'll never have to worry you'll run out of things to talk about!!!!! Julie Rosenbaum

Your help at the finishing line looks like escapees from a MASH unit better known as the walking wounded. Tom Krause

You have membership at Peak or the Y, and only use it on Tuesday nights. Larry Swanson

You know where Bacon Boulevard is at Rock Cut. Steve Seiter

You know you are a winter RRR if:
You've discovered that you like energy gels half frozen. Dave Deem

You know how to put sheet metal screws in the bottom of you running shoes. Larry Swanson

10 degrees F with a windspeed of 5 mph feels like 6 degrees F

10 degrees F with a windspeed of 10 mph feels like -9 degrees F

10 degrees F with a windspeed of 15 mph feels like -18 degrees F

Deborah Hayes

You drive by a runner in the freezing cold and you're envious! Jennifer Nilson

As you prepare for a winter run, your zipper breaks on your gym bag after stuffing it full of two pair of gloves, stocking hat, tights, jacket, warm socks, balakla, YakTrax, ... Tonya Thayer

You allow Brian Miller to showcase the better parts of Kishwaukee Street. (eee gads!) Deborah Hayes

You risk being late to a wedding because of a run. Jim Simmons

You know what time they plow the Sinnissippi path after a snow fall. Tonya Thayer

You remember what it was like when the Rainbow scoring system was used. Tom Krause

You see the finishing tear-off tags somehow get loose from a stringer before being processed and someone yells, "that can be fixed!" Tom Krause

You know you’re a trail runner if... You run in a foot of snow at the Rock Cut Trail Series, and are warmer than you were inside the registration bldg. Jim Simmons

You’re on a winter morning run at Rock Cut and the leader of the pack (Brian F) runs through a overflowing creek, and you follow without hesitation. Luckily, if you are REALLY a trail runner, you’ve also heard Larry Swansons wool sock lecture, so you’re prepared for anything! Carol Bingley

You've got screws in your shoes. Brian F

You have experienced one of "UNCLE LARRY'S" animal stories on a trip around Rock Cut. Jeff Wilmarth

Carol has given you a Saturday morning run nickname. Brian F

You run an extra 2 miles for every piece of pie you ate over the Thanksgiving Holiday!  (Your 8 mile flat run becomes a 12 mile hilly run through Rock Cut). Deanna Menzies

 You determine your route and distance based on which path has been cleared of snow and how far. Tonya Thayer

 You know what yaktrax are. Tonya Thayer

 You know you're a Rock Cut trail runner if the term "superbowl" has nothing to do with football. Carol Bingley

 You ask for Yaktrax Pros as your #1 item for your Christmas List.  Deanna Menzies

 When everything on your Christmas List is running gear. Deanna Menzies

You’ve survived one of Brian Miller’s mystery runs. Ann Johnson

You don't have time to run lately and you make an appearance at a group run  MAINLY to hear about all the Milwaukee/Chicago marathon stories. Dawn Decker

You might be a triathlete if... you bring your swim cap and goggles on a family boat trip. Tonya Thayer

You might be a triathlete if... you know how many seconds it takes to legally pass another rider Tonya Thayer

You wave to every strange runner on the road as if they were family.. Deborah Hayes

You dress in the dark, and  notice your running shorts are on backwards AFTER you get to Puri Crest..... Deborah Hayes

You inefficiently shower in the morning, and then deal with the 'sweat' look for the remainder of the day.... Deborah Hayes

A pink hat is better than no hat at all (Pat)! Deborah Hayes

You train for the hobo by getting lost consistently....... Deborah Hayes

You show up at Rock Cut State Park during 'deer' season, (luckily the park was officially open to runners on SUNDAY). Deborah Hayes

You get home from a race and your kids no longer ask "Did you win?" but rather, "Did you bring us a race cookie?" Carol Bingley

You know the difference between a black railroad spike and a silver one (in my case, less than one second). Brian Fruechtenicht

You're eating a post-race meal including hot dogs and brats at 10:00 a.m. Cheryl Wilson

You REALLY do run for cookies! Cheryl Wilson

You don’t run the 30TH Chicago Marathon because you missed the deadline, then you read about the brutal temps, medical emergencies, and thousands of non-finishers, and YOU WISH YOU WOULD HAVE RUN THE RACE. Karen Lemmons

If you don't think it's "that dark" at 6 a.m. in October. Tonya Thayer

If a little 90 degree heat doesn't keep you from running a marathon. Connie Marsh

You turn down a pedicure knowing that you need your calluses for tomorrow’s race. Ann Johnson

If you can walk on rocks in the water without falling, step on horse "poop", run up and down hills and up again, fall on a tree stump and still smile at the end of the race! You gotta love the Hobo Run! Julie Rosenbaum

You know what it really means to be a bandit. Tonya Thayer

If one of the main items needed for site seeing is running shoes. Evelyn Smith

You buy gummy bears and you don't have any kids at home. Marilyn Goepfert

If disaster strikes your home and you are happy to save only your running shoes and clothes. Steve Korn

No one recognizes you with your hair down. Marilyn Goepfert

 You might be a Triathlete if ... You only know other triathletes by their bikes, not their names. Tonya Thayer

You always continue your RRR membership whether you're out there in a race physically or in spirit AND HEART!!! Donna Cope

You can name the race t-shirt and the year of the race 1/8 of a mile away. Tonya Thayer

You know Brian Miller. Tonya Thayer

You always have extra bottles of water or Gatorade in your car. Marilyn Goepfert

You go to bed at 9 PM on a Friday night so that you can meet your friends at 5 AM Saturday morning for a long run.  Tom Walsh

You can say fartlek with a straight face.  Jeff Miller

The highest heels in your closet are your training shoes.  Carol Bingley

You look at the results sheet after every race and know exactly where you stand in the circuit standings.  Steve Korn

You eat chili the night before your long run and your running group thinks it was no different than any Sunday run (AFLAC!)  Chris Overton

The next time you open your trunk - you remember right where you left your sweat soaked change of clothes!  Jeff Wilmarth

You can find your way back to your car after an hour of trails in Rock Cut.  Tonya Thayer

You call in sick at work and you have to change your usual route so your boss won't see you out running.  Chris Overton

You know you are a Rock Cut trail runner if....you know what an orange pie plate means.  Larry Swanson

Your running buddies are in tune with the timing of your bodily functions. We know who will need a pit stop where, who's PMSing, who is dehydrated, etc.  Leslie Schaeffer

For an afternoon snack, you look forward to a Powerbar.  Tonya Thayer

You have a bumper sticker that says "Will run for cookies".  Bill Dixon

You might be a Triathlete if ...as you approach a hill, you try to decide what would hurt more, running up it, or biking up it.  Tonya Thayer

You find yourself accepted by your running group regardless of how fast or slow you ran a particular race.  Ron Leonhardt

You have developed an obsessive compulsive disorder  (no medication available at this time) from constantly looking for your running POD on training days.  Ron Leonhardt

You have to get a part time job to support your running shoe habit.  Carol Bingley

You're out on a long run on Saturday AM at 7 degrees and find that your sports drink has turned into a slushy.  Audrey Salberg

You are excited to see new subdivisions going in your area because it means you have new roads to run on.  Tom Walsh

You keep bodyglide in your make-up bag.  Tonya Thayer

You completed your weekly long run with friends and one RRR says, "gee, this was a really a good warmup for tomorrows LONG run".  Carol Bingley

Your WWJD wristband stands for What Would Jeff (Miller) Do?  Brian F

Your training partner knows more about your digestive processes than your gasteroenterologist.  Chris Overton

You're worried about not getting enough physical activity (mainly running) at Basic Training.  Dawn Decker

You pack a separate suitcase for your running gear when you go on trips.  Karen Lemmons

While at work, you tell your friends you are taking the day off. And they wonder why you are at work.  Tonya Thayer

You know that the Symbol means "one mile"  Tonya Thayer

You recognize runners by their stride and gait, not their hair or face  Tonya Thayer

You feel 10 second behind the next runner is a lot of time.  Tom Walsh

You know where every 1/8 mile mark is on the Rock River Rec path.  Tom Walsh

You know by heart the circuit points of each member of your age group (and you know when they will graduate to the next age group).  Brian F

You choose running friends based on their age group, preferring those who aren't in yours.  Cheryl Wilson

You have a safety pin on your car key.  Marilyn Goepfert

Your idea of fun is self-inflicted pain.  Bill Dixon

You ask all of your running friends if you should run, even though you have been told by all the medical professionals not to run.  Deanna Menzies

Your favorite time of the week is Tuesday at 5:45 p.m.  Tonya Thayer

The most important discussion during a run is where to eat breakfast.  Tonya Thayer

If you think cookies are one of the main food groups.  Bill Dixon

You are happy Santa brought you a Garmin 205 instead of a Tiffany's diamond tennis bracelet.  Carol Bingley

You might be a Triathlete if ... you know how cold 76 degree water temperature is.  Tonya Thayer

You know you're a Female Rockford Road Runner if you have no qualms telling others your exact age (and wishing you were older if it means a better age-group finish!).  Cheryl Wilson

You have a sun screen, extra sunglasses and hats in your car. Marilyn Goepfert

 Something in your house, other than the toilet, runs. Bill Dixon

 You spell "run" with an "F". Bill Dixon

You won't blink at $100 running shoes, but wait until that cute sweater goes on sale for $30 before you'll consider buying it. Tonya Thayer

You'll  run 15 miles in the morning, but later, don't want to drive additional 5 miles to go to Woodman's instead of Hilander. Tonya Thayer

 You actually think George's jokes are funny. Bill Dixon

 You'll willingly pay $20.00 for up to one hour of HURT. Bill Dixon

 You might be a Triathlete if ...

You know how many calories are in a Powerbar, gel pack and sport drink. Tonya Thayer

You're the only one at the hotel resort swimming pool wearing goggles and a swim cap. Tonya Thayer

 You spray Pam on your body before putting on a wetsuit. Tonya Thayer

You select your purse based on its number of pockets (because you need pockets for your MP3 player, your headlight, your garmin, your pepper spray, and your combination lock.oh yeah, and your yak-tracks if you're doing the Rock Cut Trail Series!)  Mary Erickson

You run a race in February that is directed and the course lay out by Larry Swanson at Rock Cut State Park.  Did I mention the two feet or more of snow on the ground? Tom Krause

You know you're an ultra-runner if, you go run "short(50K)" ultramarathons and "long(100mi)" ultramarathons. Kat Yarger

You have paid your dues by the time you read this..otherwise.... -Bill Dixon

Your closet has more workout clothes in it than anything else. -Joyce Saarinen

 Larry Swanson is yelling at you to pick up the pace as your using a rope to pull yourself up a 50% grade during the Trail Series 15K race at Rock Cut. Tom Krause

 You have a lot of respect for Bob Sharp. -Bill Dixon

 You see the thermometer turn 32 degrees and know you're ready to put the winter clothes away and pull out the shorts.  Audrey Salberg

 You're running on a single track trail, in two feet of loose snow with 6 other people, chain gang style and you don't quite duck low enough to miss the leaning log across the trail.  This results in your watch cap being swiped by the leaning log and your sunglasses disappearing into the snow and all you can think is. I can rest. -Tom Krause

You come in from your run in the cold and have pieces of ice fall out from between the layers of your clothes. Audrey Salberg

You have to look at the race calendar before you schedule a vacation. Marilyn Goepfert

When you have two different sock drawers, one for running and one for everyday. Joyce Saarinen

You cringe if George says to you, "Did you hear the one about......." Bill Dixon

Wanna be George (or Bill Dixon) -Bill Dixon

You think running in 10 degrees "isn't so bad" -Tonya Thayer

If "happy hour" is your running time after work. -Evelyn Smith

You can't remember how many layers to wear in 40 degree weather. -Tonya Thayer

You plan your race schedule for the year in January. - Tonya Thayer

You can't help but smile and dodge as you see those Bovie droppings on the trails at Rock Cut. -Jeff Wilmarth

You NEVER consider yourself an EX- RUNNER...you can be competitive and have circumstances take you out of that situation but you ALWAYS take the time, when you can, to put on those running shoes and enjoy the road!!!  - Donna L. Cope

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