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2003 Final Circuit Results

Scored Not

Age Group Results

F  0-14   M  0-14
F 15-19   M 15-19
F 20-24   M 20-24
F 25-29   M 25-29
F 30-34   M 30-34
F 35-39   M 35-39
F 40-44   M 40-44
F 45-49   M 45-49
F 50-54   M 50-54
F 55-59   M 55-59
F 60-64   M 60-64
F 65-69   M 65-69
F 70-74   M 70-74
F 75-79   M 75-79
F 80-84   M 80-84

If there is no link for an age group,
it means there are no entries
scored in that group to date.

1 River Run 10k X  
2 Arny Johnson 10mi X  
3 OSF Heritage Runs 10k X  
4 4 Miles 4 Babies 4mi X  
5 Kerry Classic 5k X  
6 MELD 4th of July 10k X  
7 Sloatman Classic 8k X  
8 Roscoe Railroad Run 5mi X  
9 State Street Mile X  
10 Multiple Sclerosis 5k X  
11 Waterfront 5k X  
12 Janesville YMCA 
1/2 Marathon
13 Fall Trail Run 4mi X  
14 Sprout Sprint 5k X  
15 Roscoe Tour de Trail 8k X  
16 Wildcat Open 3k X  
17 Freeport Jingle Bell 5k X  
18 Veggie Run 8k X  
19 Rockford Jingle Bell 5k X  

A woman enjoys the Rockford Marathon

Photo by Ron Leonhardt

Runners rock away at the Rockford Marathon.

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